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Sport Event Inc. Showcase Rules & Regulations 


The following information relates to tournament, conduct, format, rules, policies, and procedures. 


  1. ?Team Conduct

Sports Event Inc. Showcase directors expect the conduct of all participants to be exemplary both on and off the ice. All misconduct will result in immediate and prompt disqualification from the tournament.  

Sports Event Inc. Showcases has established a “ZERO TOLERANCE” policy on abusive language and unsportsmanlike behavior towards all participants opposing team players, coaches, fans, referees, volunteers, and tournament officials. Spectators violating this policy will be immediately escorted from the venue. 


  1. ?Rules & Rule Modifications:


Sports Event Inc. Showcases are played under Standard Hockey Alberta - Rules 

Hockey Alberta Rules are in effect and Hockey Canada guidelines for equipment will be enforced for all teams. www.hockeycanada.ca Listed below are some of the more significant rule modifications that will be used during Sports Event Inc. Showcases. 


Body Contact 

  • Full contact division 2012 - 2008  
  • Non-Contact divisions 2017 - 2013 



  • Jerseys  

The home team will wear dark jerseys UNLESS the away team only has dark jerseys. Teams must coordinate at least 30 minutes before each game to ensure which uniforms will be worn. 


  • Mouth Guards 

      Highly recommended but not mandatory 


  • Neck Guards  

All divisions must wear neck guards, no exceptions. All players are required to wear approved helmets.  


Team & Roster  

  • Roster Size  

Teams can only register and dress 20 players, 18 skaters & 2 goalies. No players can be added to the roster after the lock out date, 24 hrs prior to tournament start. 


  • Goalies  

Should a team only have one goalie on the team and the goalie gets injured, then the rules for goalie changing will apply as follows. The team whose goalie was injured will have to put an additional skater on ice (as a player or in net) until the goalie has been replaced from, current player changing into goalie gear. 


  • Overage Players  

Unless approved by the tournament coordinator, overage players are not allowed. 


  • Underage Players  

Underage players are permitted. 


  • Players on Multiple Teams  

We recommend that players only play on a single team during the tournament. However players are permitted to play on more than one team as long as it is not in the same division or of a lower skill level 


  • Ineligible and/or Illegal Players 

Any team caught using ineligible and/or illegal players will forfeit all wins and ties amassed while using said player(s) and all points for said games will be reduced to 0. The losing team (legal team) will be awarded the three points and 1 -0 win.  


Team Administration & Management 

Roster/Waiver/ Insurance & Management 

  • All teams must carry between $2,000,000 - $5,000,000 in general liability insurance.  Proof of valid insurance must be submitted by email to gord@calgaryhdc.ca 
  • Submit completed roster/waiver to gord@calgaryhdc.ca Rosters will be locked 5 days prior to the tournament start date.   

Government ID  

  • All teams the team should carry proof of age for all players. (Copy of birth certificate)   


  • Manager should have RAMP Game Sheets App downloaded and activate all players prior to each game. 


STAY & Play   

  • Sports Event Inc is a Stay & Play event. Teams within 60km of the host city are considered local and are not subject to the Stay & Play policy. Teams outside of 60km of the host city are required to book their accommodations at one of our partner hotels. Once booked, please communicate with the director as to where you are staying. 



If necessary, teams may elect to opt out of the Stay & Play policy for additional fee of $350 + taxes and processing fees. 


Per the terms & conditions agreed to upon registration, failure to adhere to this policy will preclude a team(s) eligibility to participate in the tournament as well as the forfeiture of the team(s) entry fee. 


  • Dressing Rooms 

All dressing rooms will be left clean by the team after each game. Any damage to a dressing room will result in either the team coach or manager being held responsible for the cost of the damage. 


  • MVP Awards (if applicable) 

Coaches are to pick the MVP for the opposing team after the game. Teams will line up on their blue line after the game, handshakes. 


  1. Competition Format

All participating teams are guaranteed four (4) tournament games.  

Game Length 

Tournaments may vary in time slot and periods. Please confirm with tournament package 

  • 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 division 1hr 15min time slot. No Flood. 15:15:15 
  • 2011, 2012, 2013 division 1hr 30 min time slot. No Flood. 15:15:20 
  • 2010, 2009, 2008 division 1hr 45min time slot. Flood every 2 periods. 15:20:20 
  • Three (3) minute warm up before each game. Sport Even Inc.  
  • All games will be stop time. All ties in round robin play will remain a tie.   

Delayed or Late Games 

  • If the game is running behind or if an accident should occur, which results in a time delay, the clock will be dropped (if we can’t finish game in regulation time) to Two (2) minutes when there is five minutes remaining in the allotted time slot. 
  • All games should be able to be completed within the allotted time, we understand that there can be situations where this is not the case.  
  • In the unlikely event of an ice plant or facility outage during the weekend. The tournament committee will attempt to reschedule the effected games to another location. If a game cannot be rescheduled or played, then the game will be recorded as a tie. Outages are considered outside of the tournament committees’ control and are therefore not refundable.  

Mercy Rule 

  • In the event of a seven (7) goal difference at any time during the game, the clock will run. Should the goal differential return to six (6), regular play will resume with stop time.  

Time Out 

  • One (1) thirty (30) second time-out per team, per game will be allowed to each team. 


  1. ?Tournament Rules & Regulations


  • Automatic icing will apply at all games.  


  • Minor Penalty: 2 Minutes; Major Penalty: 5 Minutes; Misconduct: 10 Minutes  

All major penalties will be reviewed by the tournament committee and the decision is final. No protests will be heard. Officials are to complete a right up RAMP game sheet with the timekeeper or via text message to Gord (403) 560 - 4765. All suspensions will be dealt with by the tournament committee. Should a player receive a combination of either 2 game misconducts, gross misconducts and or match penalties during the tournament, that player shall be ejected for the remainder of the tournament. 

  • Any coach or manager who receives a game misconduct under rules 11.5(b), (c) and (d) for harassment of the officials or a gross misconduct shall be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. No exceptions or appeals. Coaches and managers are expected to treat the officials with the utmost respect.  
  • Any player and/or coach using remarks that are considered a racial slur, and which are heard by a game official, will automatically receive a game misconduct. The tournament advisory committee reserves the right to review any racially motivated incident for further disciplinary action, including disqualification from the tournament. 
  • Majors are subject to the tournament committee's decision on the penalty call. Players and/or coaches can expect a minimum of 1 game suspension. Standard Hockey Alberta - Hockey Canada rules will apply. 


Stick & Head Infractions 

  • Three (3) stick infractions or three (3) head contact infractions in one game is an immediate game ejection. The stick penalties are high sticking, slashing, cross-checking, spearing, and butt-ending. 



  • Any players who instigate a fight will be ejected for the rest of the game and further action could be imposed by the Tournament Committee. If a fight occurs, all skaters must go to their bench. Goaltenders must stay in their crease unless it is unsafe to do so at which point the goaltender must clear the area. Any player/coach leaving the bench to participate in or become involved in a fight will be suspended for the tournament. All fighting penalties will be reviewed by the Tournament Committee and their decision will be final. 

Round Robin Play (Tournament Play Only) 

Pools will consist of 4 + teams and game points will be awarded based on the following format: 

  • 2pt = win 
  • 1pt = tie 
  • 0pt = loss 

Tiebreaker Procedures for Round Robin Tiebreaker: (Tournament Play Only) 

  • Goal differential  
  • Least goals allowed 
  • Most goals scored 
  • Head-to-head 
  • If a tie in the standings occurs with three teams, and the tie-breaking procedure eliminates one of the teams and two teams remain tied, the eliminated team is removed, and the procedure is re-employed with the remaining two teams.  

Playoff Rounds (Tournament Play Only) 

Division with 4 teams  

  • 1st vs 2nd = Final 
  • 3rd vs 4th = Consolation  
  • Penalty shots at the end of regulation play in the event there is a tie. 3 shooters will shoot for each team. In the event of a tie after three shooters, a sudden victory format will ensue with one player shooting per side. No repeat shooters will be allowed.  

Division with 5 or more teams 1 pool but less than 8 after round-robin 

  • 1st vs 2nd = Championship Final  
  • 3rd vs 4th = Bronze Final 
  • 5th vs 6th = Consolation 

Division with 8 teams, 2 pools will have a cross-over  

  • 1st pool A vs 1st pool B = Final 
  • 2nd pool A vs 2nd pool B = Consolation  
  • 3rd pool A vs 3rd pool B = Consolation 
  • 4th pool A vs 4th pool B = Consolation 
  • Penalty shots at the end of regulation play in the event there is a tie. 3 shooters will shoot for each team. In the event of a tie after three shooters, a sudden victory format will ensue with one player shooting per side. No repeat shooters will be allowed. 
  1. E. Volunteers
  • The Home team will be responsible for providing four (4) volunteers for every game: 1 in each penalty box (2)  
  • 1 to operate the clock.  
  • 1 to fill in game sheets, RAMP APP, 1 to play music if wishes to  


  1. F. ?Protests

Protests will be heard. Officials are to complete all write-ups on the back of the first game sheet as required by the rules. All suspensions will be dealt with by the Tournament Committee. Should a player receive the combination of either, 2 Game misconducts, Gross misconducts, and/or Match penalties during the tournament that player shall be ejected from the remainder of the tournament.  


Any coach or manager who receives a Game Misconduct, for harassment of the officials, or a Gross Misconduct, shall be suspended for a minimum of one (1) game up to the remainder of the tournament pending the severity. No exceptions, no appeals. Coaches and managers are expected to treat the officials with the utmost respect. Any issues with the officials can be brought to the attention of the tournament committee. 


No protests will be considered regarding rules interpretations or judgment calls made by game officials. Only protests related to game rules that can be addressed within the Standard Hockey Alberta - Hockey Canada rules regarding player eligibility will be heard by tournament officials. ?If it is determined that a player has violated an eligibility rule, both the player and the head coach will be disqualified from the tournament.  


Disqualifications will begin from the point where a player is determined ineligible and will affect prior results or change a team’s record at the discretion of HDC. 


  1. G. ?Medics

Sports Event Inc. does not provide medics for the tournament. The safety of our participants is important to us, and if an injury occurs, please take the following steps: 

  • If the injury appears to be substantial, or you are unsure, please do not hesitate and call 911 immediately. ?Provide them with the arena name and address:  



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